Love, Ire and Song – Frank Turner


Track Listing
1. I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
2. Reasons to be an Idiot
3. Photosynthesis
4. Substitute
5. Better Half
6. Love, Ire and Song
7. Imperfect Tense
8. To Take You Home
9. Long Live The Queen
10. A Love Worth Keeping
11. St. Christopher is Coming Home
12. Jet Lag

So, Frank Turner then? Some would say he is the hardest working guy in music. He’s constantly touring far flung places around the world.

Before all of this, he was struggling a little bit. In the aftermath of the disbanding of hardcore punk band Million Dead, he made the good but flawed ‘Sleep is for the Week’ followed by the more confident ‘Love, Ire and Song’. This more confident album is the subject of today’s review.

This is one of Miranda’s favourite albums, she was being very indecisive in choosing an album for me to review so I effectively chose it on her behalf.

The album starts with the slow burner ‘I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous’ with it’s declaration about life being about love, last minutes and lost evenings. It ends with the unforgettable line “the only thing that’s left do, is get another round in at the bar”.

This song pretty much sets the tone of the album. The attitude throughout is quintessentially British, melancholic but plucky. Things will go wrong but nothing that a cuppa tea or something stronger won’t solve.

‘Love, Ire and Song’ is packed full of punky folk anthems such as ‘Photosynthesis’ with it’s rebellious declaration of “I won’t sit down, and I won’t shut up, and most of all I will not grow up”. The kind of song you’d expect a crowd to bark back at him, as a lot of his songs are.

Something that comes across well is Turner’s bold and confident singy shouty vocal, particularly on the title track. This song is an angry ode to disillusionment and one of defeat but calls for one last swan song and somehow manages to stir something in the heart.

A highlight is ‘Long Live the Queen’, it is a song about the passing away of one of Frank’s friends, which again communicates that bad things happen but life goes on. This is a message that is conveyed throught the album.

Last track ‘Jetlag’ is a favourite, a different turn of pace being piano led, and a bit of a humblebrag from Mr Turner as he sings about falling for 15 different girls. But it is a song that people in long distance relationships can certainly identify with. Frank comes across as jaded and exhausted by love, an album which has differing attitudes ro it including hopefulness and despair.

So, it is generally a good album, Miranda certainly loves it, and if there’s another album that gets her singing and dancing as loud as she does with this one, I’m yet to hear it!


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