Top 100

#90 Refused – The Shape of Punk to Come: A Chemerical Bombination in 12 Bursts (1998)


Track Listing:-

1. Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull
2. Liberation Frequency
3. The Deadly Rhythm
4. Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine
5. Bruitist Pome #5
6. New Noise
7. The Refused Party Program
8. Protest Song ’68
9. Refused are ‘Fuckin Dead
10. The Shape of Punk to come
11. Tannhauser / Derive
12. The Apollo Programme was a Hoax

So this is the first review I have written in two months. It has to be said that I listened to this album and it made me reconsider doing this list.

Why is this album in the top 100 of all time CoS? The only top 100 I can imagine this album being in is the band members’ Mums’ lists and then it would only scrape in at #100.

I believe this is an album that is described as inspirational in the hardcore punk scene; it is an album which is frankly all over the place with ambient and jazz sections thrown in willy nilly.

To be kind to the band I would describe them as a third rate Dillinger Escape Plan. At worst a directionless band with ideas aplenty but no idea how to execute them.

One of the songs is called ‘Refused are Fuckin’ Dead’ – I think they are now and I don’t think many people are particularly bothered.

A positive – ‘New Noise’ is quite good. Er… I think that’s really all I have to say. This album has been haunting me for a while, so glad to move on.


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